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Whether a first time home buyer, or a seasoned real estate investor, Greg Young Law helps guide its clients through the often frustrating forest of Real Estate Transactions. Greg prides himself on his direct contact with clients, yielding a specified familiarity and knowledge of the intricacies of each and every transaction he handles. Greg has personally handled countless transactions across the full spectrum of the New York Real Estate market. From pre-war Manhattan cooperatives, to brand new Brooklyn waterfront Condominiums, to turnkey and fixer-upper homes or mixed-use multiple dwellings, Greg has the knowledge, contacts, and experience to properly guide you through your purchase or sale at a reasonable price with no gimmicks.

Unlike other law firms, when Greg Young Law sets a price, you can comfortably know that there will not be added legal fees. Do not be tricked by cut-rate attorneys. Not only do these firms sneakily add fees for standard legal work such as reviewing board minutes, but many attorneys will further charge clients for travel and other ridiculous “expenses”. Clients can trust that Greg will always be honest, open, and upfront.


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Greg Young Law prides itself on efficient Landlord/Tenant practice. No matter what the reason, Greg Young will vigorously litigate landlord rights, whether they relate to collection of unpaid rents, tenancy holdovers, or rent stabilization matters. Greg is constantly building and growing his knowledge base and skillset through daily research and regular implementation.

Greg has worked with numerous real estate managers and owners to not only effectively litigate landlord/tenant cases, but to help managers and owners effectively run their buildings at maximum efficiency. Owner and manager clients know that Greg will always make himself available for strategizing or other related discussions.

Additionally, Greg specifically prides himself on maintaining a manageable case-load to resolve disputes in a time-efficient and cost-efficient manner. While many housing court attorneys will simply adjourn much of their case loads regularly, Greg goes into each matter with the attention to detail needed to resolve cases sooner, with custom drafted papers and detailed knowledge of each and every case on his calendar. Greg’s hands-on approach has garnered the attention of small and large landlords alike, and is building traction in changing the landscape of housing court representation.


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We know the frustration of spending time and money on litigation to find yourself with a monetary judgment and a debtor who remains unwilling to pay what is legally owed.

The basis of Greg Young’s legal career is firmly grounded in collections and judgment enforcement. Greg spent significant time as an executive intern, and then as a legal liaison, with one of the largest debt collection firms on the east coast. Greg Young Law employs numerous strategies to enforce judgments and get you your money faster. At competitive rates, and with proven strategy, Greg Young Law will take any legal action necessary to enforce your money judgment.

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