new york intersection Greg Young is a dedicated attorney raised with a business foundation that many would dream of. While others were spending their teenage years working at camp and the local bagel shop, Greg was managing his first business projects and helping a 100+ employee law firm grow into the 21st century. By the time Greg finished law school, he had helped grow several businesses and developed an ever-growing network of contacts across business and legal sectors.

Greg’s personal attachment to real estate started with buying and selling small plots of land in upstate New York, and eventually expanding to renovating New York City Apartments and Houses. Before being admitted to the bar, Greg had built his own Real Estate Management and Development company, which focused on freelance project-based home and condominium development services in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

new york skyline Since joining the bar, Greg has expanded his abilities and contacts, tailoring his expertise to best serve his legal clientele. With 4 years of hands-on law firm experience in a small boutique law firm, Greg has separated himself from the increasing volume of bulk-billing and corner cutting law firms. Greg prides himself on diligent hard work and catering all matters to the needs of the clients and situations.

​Among Greg’s proudest traits is the knowledge and drive to utilize the broad array of modern technology. At the young age of 16, Greg joined the growing legal tech field in any way he could, eventually helping in the development of a specialized legal management platform that is still in use today. In 2018, Greg applies the same core fundamentals to every day management of his own law firm. This modern approach not only helps Greg Young Law effectively manage cases at anytime and from anywhere, but it results in the comfort of Greg’s clients knowing that their matters are organized and accounted for in an efficacious manner.

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